Welcome to eNNOVEA Medical, LLC.

eNNOVEA Medical LLC is a rapidly growing company in the medical equipment arena. We are focused on delivering breakthrough cardiac-related products that provide practical new ways to improve patient outcomes.

The CardioQuick Patch - the Company's initial product - is now being introduced into the emergency departments of selected hospitals.

The CardioQuick Patch® is a breakthrough medical device that delivers significantly more accurate and rapid placement of the precordial (chest) electrodes when performing a 12-lead electrocardiograph (EKG), compared to the age-old practice of using individually-placed single electrodes. The CardioQuick Patch is marketed as electrocardiograph electrodes with an accessory device for placement of six precordial electrodes for a 12 lead ECG. Under current FDA policy, an accessory device is classified according to the regulatory class of the parent device or the device to which the accessory device will function as an accessory.

Why is this important? For patients experiencing a cardiac event, accuracy and speed in securing a 12-lead EKG reading to guide diagnosis and treatment is the single most important factor for improving outcomes, including survival.

The current practice is for a nurse or EKG tech - or a paramedic - to manually place the six individual electrodes on the chest to get the 12-lead EKG reading. To properly place these electrodes, the practitioner must take the time to palpate (i.e. feel) the underlying bone structure. This typically takes 2 to 3 minutes to do properly. Unfortunately, the vast majority of practitioners do not take the time to palpate before placing the electrodes, preferring instead to "eyeball" the location based on past experience. Research has proven that electrode misplacement of as little as two centimeters can alter the EKG reading and lead to errors in diagnosis and treatment.